Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Make your case, Mr. Obama

After the G20 meeting, President Obama will be heading to NATO for the 60th anniversary meeting/celebration/thing. The smart money says he'll be pressing for more NATO commitment (in combat troops, trainers, and money) to Afghanistan. Thus far our European allies have been reluctant to commit large numbers of troops to the war effort in Afghanistan. They see it as America's problem, so America should fix it.

President Obama needs to make the case to the NATO leaders and to the people of the EU that victory in Afghanistan makes the entire Western world safer, and failure is disastrous for everyone. America may have started the war, but the consequences stretch well beyond the Middle East. Not only to North America, but to other NATO countries as well.

Mr. Obama set Europe aflame with Obamania on his visit during the campaign. Now he needs to use that popularity and his spectactular eloquence to appeal to NATO countries for help. The US Military is still stretched thin, and no matter what the rhetoric, we can't enough of our troops out of Iraq in the next year. If the "Af-Pak" situation is to be stabilized, it's going to take an international effort. It is up to Mr. Obama to galvanize the world behind this cause.

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