Saturday, May 2, 2009


I was going to write a post about the incredible series that has occurred between the Bulls and Celtics over the past week. I wanted to try to put in words just how exciting these six games have been, how a person who hasn't paid attention to the NBA since MJ left the Bulls has been enthralled by a game he professed to be unable to stand (yeah, that would be me). Then I read Bill Simmons' column, and I was reminded why he gets paid to write about sports. I can't compete, and I won't try. Enjoy.


  1. I missed it. Every game.

    I have a feeling just like I did in 1969, when I drove an ice cream truck around Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, instead of going to Woodstock.

    Good article, though.

  2. I was in Luxembourg in 2005 and unable to watch a single game of the White Sox run to a World Series Championship. I would prefer not to have that happen again.