Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My brain hurts.

Sarah Palin has decided to utilize the hallowed (*ahem*) Op-Ed page of WaPo to make her case against climate change. It reads like she took a bet on how many times she could fit the words "tax" and "radical environmentalists" into a single Op-Ed. I guess "science" is a radical idea in her little world.

(I try to stay away from Palin-bashing--Sullivan does more than enough to go around--but this was painful enough that I just had to post.)


  1. I have this recurring feeling that we are living in a science fiction novel – only the novel begins 100 years from now, when we're living with the results of wishing away science. With logic that is known only to mobs, the tea-baggers are turning on the scientists, blaming them for what has happened. Rod Serling steps forward.

  2. She's such an easy target and constantly sets herself up for ridicule that it's not even fun trying to bash her anymore.