Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sullivan's Person of the Year

There's been a good bit of consternation about Time's choice of Ben Bernanke as Person of the Year. Yes, he acted decisively when things fell apart, but he didn't do anything to prevent the crisis in the first place. He's also currently unwilling to use fiscal policy to ease unemployment.

Sullivan offers his own Person of the Year: Neda Agha-Soltan. His tribute is well worth reading, and he's right to say that:

I never thought, on 9/11, that this blog, almost a decade later would end a post with the following words of solidarity and hope:

Allah O Akbar!

It is hard to believe how the meaning of the words, "God is great," has changed among those following the events in Iran. Words that a few years ago brought to mind images of suicide bombers and terrorism have been reclaimed as words of peace and hope. The events of 9/11 cast a shadow over the perception of Islam. Here's hoping that the events in Iran can cast some sunlight on it.

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