Saturday, December 26, 2009

Trust me, I'm a doctor.

Sen. Ton Coburn, MD explains his vote against HCR on RealClearPolitics. My favorite excerpt (emphasis mine):

If this bill becomes law, future generations will rue this day and I will do everything in my power to work toward its repeal. This bill will ration care, cut Medicare, increase premiums, fund abortion and bury our children in debt.


Our health care system needs to be reformed not because government's role has been too small but because it has been too big. Since the 1940's, government's role in health care has been expanded to the point that it controls 60 percent of our health care economy, according the non-partisan Congressional Research Service. If more government were the answer, health care would have been reformed long ago.

The cognitive dissonance must be staggeringly painful.

Never mind the rest of his argument, which consists of outright lies. The Hyde Amendment already keeps one from using Federal money on abortions, the CBO says premiums will go down for the vast majority of Americans and also says the bill is going to reduce the deficit in the short and long term. Health care is already rationed in Medicare, as well as by cost. Not to mention, the cuts in Medicare are far smaller than those proposed by the GOP nominee for President a little over a year ago.

I can't take any Republican seriously when they talk about the deficit. First, because this bill is deficit neutral. And second, because of this chart.

He plays the "I'm a doctor" card a few times in this piece. Never mind that the AMA has endorsed the current bill.

How is one supposed to have a constructive debate against this sort of opposition?

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