Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

We need more congressmen like Tom Perriello:

Perriello said there is a difference between being targeted and being vulnerable, and he said his support for health-care and energy reform are not as out of touch with his constituents as his opponents say. But even he seemed to acknowledge the challenge of winning next year as he described how he has sought to govern since taking office in January.

"My ultimate goal is not to get reelected," he said. "It's to know that I did the best damn job I could representing the people of the 5th District and making a difference. That's just a different litmus test than some of the powers that be are used to working with."

As I've said before, it would be nice for people to pay more attention to governing and less to reelection.

(HT: Yglesias)

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