Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fiscal Hypocrisy

The senate voted today to re-institute PAYGO, the law that says every law in congress must pay for itself. If you cut taxes, you have to cut spending or raise revenue some other way to make up for it. If you raise spending, have to do the same. This is a law that encourages fiscal responsibility, something the GOP talks about all the time.

So I'm sure a bunch of those spendthrift Democrats voted against it, and it needed GOP votes to get passed, right?

Nope. 60-40, on a party line vote. (Scott Brown hasn't been seated yet.)

Next time a Republican goes on TV to lecture Democrats about fiscal responsibility (like Judd Gregg does here, while insulting the MSNBC anchors for asking him to actually say something of substance) kindly tell them to shut the hell up.

The thing is, the GOP will get away with it. The general public doesn't care about wonky process arguments like this. Blatant hypocrisy works when it's on an issue that just plain won't resonate.

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