Friday, January 15, 2010

Palin makes W sound eloquent

Palin waxes lyrical on race:

PALIN: I know. And that double standard is — and that hypocrisy is another reason why so many Americans are quite disgusted with the political games that are played, not only on both sides of the aisle, but in this case, on the left wing, what they are playing with this game of racism and kind of letting Harry Reid's comments slide, but having crucified Trent Lott for essentially along the same lines (inaudible).

A) What the hell did she just say?
B) Does it count as hypocrisy if you don't realize it? Or know what the word hypocrisy means?
C) Talking about Obama's chances for election in antiquated terms is not equivalent to espousing segregation and white supremacy.
D) I love when WASPs yell about racism. Even though a black journalist with a Pulitzer says Reid was... right.

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  1. Reid is no poet but he was correct. His comments are not about Obama or African-Americans. He is referring to white voters. Light skinned African-Americans, especially those who speak like Harvard graduates, are less threatening to whites, making it much easier for whites to vote for them. Soccer moms felt comfortable voting for Obama but would never have voted for Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or even Martin Luther King.