Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Should Ford run?

Tom Schaller makes a convincing argument why he shouldn't:

The point is that Ford would have a great shot in the general election, and knows it. New York is so reliably blue, even a reddish Democrat need not don a camo baseball cap to be competitive. Which means Ford's bigger obstacle to office is Gillibrand in the primary. And yet surely Ford calculates that, because she attained office via appointment and hasn't had sufficient time since then to introduce herself to everyone in what is still the nation's third most populous state, Gillibrand is potentially quite vulnerable.


Gillibrand hasn't been perfect, but she's darn good. Liberals in New York and Washington undoubtedly prefer that she be less of a Blue Dog and more of a bull dog. But, long term, I think she'll make a fine senator, both back home in the state where I grew up as well as in committee and on the floor of the chamber. She also deserves special dispensation if only for one reason: She took out one of the slimiest Republicans in Congress, former Rep. John Sweeney.

I really like Harold Ford, Jr... but I'm not sure this is the place for him.


  1. We elected an African-American President in 2008 but unless Harold Ford wins the NY Senate seat we will have exactly zero African-American Senators in 2011.

  2. That's a bad thing. But is the solution really running a carpetbagger in a primary challenge against an incumbent Democrat in a year that's going to be tough enough for Dems as-is?

  3. Carpetbagging is a New York tradition. See Bobby Kennedy and Hilary Clinton.

  4. Well, so far he knows NY because he flew around the borroughs in a helicopter, ducked the Giant/Jets question, and has been challenging Gillibrand from the... right?

    I don't get his strategy here.

  5. Then you are qualified too. You went to Yankee Stadium and Times Square.