Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union

Pretty solid. Chastised congress for being a bunch of parochial idiots. I doubt it took. Told the GOP to stop being children and help governing. I doubt it took. Mentioned tax cuts/credits about a dozen times. Can we have an adult conversation about taxes in this country? If Obama isn't willing to, I doubt anyone is. Somewhat disappointed by the Health care part, reaffirmed the need and the GOP applauded. Never mind that they'll filibuster any kind of reform.

Mostly, it just seemed to show how frustrated the President is with the parochialism that's keeping him from getting anything done. I wonder when he gets to his "mad as hell, and not gonna take this anymore" moment? Does he unleash Rahmbo when that happens?

Pledging to end Don't Ask, Don't Tell is a nice touch, will congress follow through? It actually polls very well, so you would think it could pass. But the GOP needs the gay-bashing base, so who knows. Chuck Todd pointed out that it was unfair to shoot the camera over to the Joint Chiefs, since they can't applaud/advocate military stuff that congress will debate. What looks like stone-faced opposition was intended to be studied neutrality.

It was a remarkably centrist speech. His positions on every issue were much closer to the (pre-Bush) GOP positions than to those of or DailyKos. Nuclear power, no mention of cap and trade or a carbon tax, insurance reform (not single payer), tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts. It is a sign of the partisanship in this country that these conservative ideas met stone-faced opposition from the right.

Good speech, kinda long. Doesn't change anything unless congress gets its shit together.

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