Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fruit of the Boom

AG Eric Holder sent a letter to Senate Minority Leader McConnell today, blasting him for his opposition to civilian trials for the Captain Underpants. It includes the following line, demonstrating just how ridiculous the GOP is being:

Some have argued that had Abdulmutallab been declared an enemy combatant, the government could have held him indefinitely without providing him access to an attorney. But the government's legal authority to do so is far from clear. In fact, when the Bush administration attempted to deny Jose Padilla access to an attorney, a federal judge in New York rejected that position, ruling that Padilla must be allowed to meet with his lawyer. Notably, the judge in that case was Michael Mukasey, my predecessor as Attorney General. In fact, there is no court-approved system currently in place in which suspected terrorists captured inside the United States can be detained and held without access to an attorney; nor is there any known mechanism to persuade an uncooperative individual to talk to the government that has been proven more effective than the criminal justice system.

Game. Set. Match.

Will McConnell tone it down? I doubt it.

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