Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am a Tom Perriello fan

I said this before, but it bears repeating. We need more Tom Perriellos in congress. From an interview with David Roberts of Grist(emphasis mine):

If we were going to wait for the Senate to do anything, we would do nothing. This stuff should have been done 10 to 20 years ago. We’re so far behind China, Europe, and other areas in the energy jobs of the future because neither party has had the guts to take this on.  There are so many spineless people in D.C. To me, the new politics—“change we can believe in” —was about starting with what would solve our problems, not what would get us reelected.
I’m sick of starting with what can we get through the Senate; let’s start with what solves the damn problem.  Until the Senate gets its head out of its rear-end and starts to see the crisis we’re in, our country is literally at risk. Our economy is at risk, because these jobs are being created overseas.  It should have the same urgency with this problem that it had bailing out Wall Street. We are swearing an oath to do what’s necessary to protect this country, not do what’s necessary to get a bill through the Senate.

I wish I lived in the Virginia 5th so I could vote for this guy. He wants to solve big problems, end of story.

(HT: David Roberts via Matt Yglesias)

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  1. Methinks someone has a google alert on Mr. Perriello's name. Welcome! :)