Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ideas (and the exchange thereof)

Ezra Klein interviewed Paul Ryan about his budget plan. These two wonks get into a pretty good discussion of how to fix health care.

It is pretty interesting, and Ryan actually acknowledges the problem that is health care costs. His solution, in my mind, relies way too much on the invisible hand of the markets. Health care is not a TV, as Klein points out. I think it is also telling that when asked what he dislikes about the current bill under consideration, he's not really able to name specifics, other than a general dislike of big government. His complaint about exchanges makes little sense to me. The whole point of the exchanges was to promote competition and transparency, be it within states or across state lines (which sounds like a GOP talking point), so I don't understand the objection.

Interesting exchange (no pun intended), nonetheless.

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