Thursday, February 4, 2010

Well overdue

The US Postal Service will issue a stamp this year featuring Calvin and Hobbes. You may have noticed that my (physical) reading list includes a book about Calvin and Hobbes and its creator, Bill Watterson. I grew up on Calvin and Hobbes, and own several many of the collections of the strip. Watterson recently gave his first interview in years. In the corresponding article, the journalist says:

For many newspaper readers, flipping back to what used to be called the funny pages is bittersweet. It's dependable amusement, yes, with Funky and Garfield and Beetle, but it's also a daily reminder that someone's missing.

As my brother can attest, when I'm sitting around watching football on a Sunday, I always pull out the funnies from his Sunday Star Tribune, and invariably complain about the lack of... funny. What I'm really saying is "There's no Calvin and Hobbes..."

It says something about the quality of the strip that it is as engaging a read at 24 as it was when I eagerly opened the paper to read a new strip at age 8. It's too bad Watterson stopped writing so soon after he started.

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