Saturday, March 27, 2010


TNC draws on his experience in the civil rights movement, and proclaims the tea party activists amateurs for allowing racist and hateful acts to happen during their protests:

I hear GOP folks and Tea Partiers bemoaning the fact that media and Democrats are using the extremes of their movement for ratings and to score points. This is like Drew Brees complaining that Dwight Freeney keeps trying to sack him. [...] [M]y point is that the whining reflects a basic misunderstanding of the rules of protest. When you lead a protest you lead it, you own it, and your opponents, and the media, will hold you responsible for whatever happens in the course of that protest. This isn't left-wing bias, it's the nature of the threat.

He points out that in the Million Man March, they went to great lengths to avoid embarrassing incidents:

The last thing any of us wanted to do was to march down to the Mall and have the next day's headline read, "Niggers Can't Even March Without Fighting."

He makes a very good point, and one I hadn't really thought about. But he realizes a problem with it, as well:

It's possible that if the Tea Partiers cleaned up their ranks--purged the birthers, publicly rebuked people like this guy, banned Hitler signs, loudly rejected any instances of racism--that they simply wouldn't have much of a movement left.

(It makes me really sad that I couldn't fit a Big Lebowski quote into this post.)

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