Friday, March 26, 2010

I retract any and all support for the Obamas

How can I continue to support someone who is so willing to blatantly lie and pander?

The Grimaldi's waiter who served the family, Rafal Harajda, told City Room that after they finished their meal of four pies—a plain, a pepperoni, a sausage and one with mushrooms, peppers and onions—the First Lady of the United States of America declared, "It was better than Chicago pizza." [emphasis in original]

If she wasn't pandering, it is an even more egregious statement. I hereby disown the Obamas. I wash my hands of them.


  1. Well, Bully, I hate to be the one to tell ya: New York pizza IS better than Chicago Pizza. Something in the sauce. And the cheese is better, too. And the crust. But other than that, Chicago pizza is the best!

    BTW, I read a good wise-crack in a story about Sen. Bennett's campaign out in Utah. The guy said, "We should be like Illinois and limit politicians to two terms: one in office, and one in prison."

  2. This is politics, objective facts do not exist. Especially if I disagree with them. Therefore, Chicago pizza is better.

    As for IL's term limit: *rimshot*