Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm confused

It's not over yet, folks. The Senate Parliamentarian has ruled a couple small provisions out of order in the reconciliation bill. So it will have to go back to the House once the Senate passes it. From all reports, the changes are minor, and won't affect the legislation in any meaningful way. So with any luck, once the Senate passes it, the House will have the same 220 votes to pass the reconciliation bill again.

Here's my question: why the hell did this happen at all? If I were the Democrats, before I finished the reconciliation package and got it to the floor for a vote, I would have sat down with the parliamentarian and made sure there was nothing at all in the package that could get successfully challenged. There's no reason they should have left themselves open for this sort of chicanery. Perhaps tomorrow, as more analysis and reporting is done, I'll have a better answer. But right now, this looks like a classic case of #demfail.

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