Monday, March 22, 2010

A lot to be proud of

Jonathan Bernstein points out that it wasn't just Obama, Pelosi, and Reid that got Obamacare passed:

But individuals, and especially small groups of people, really can make a difference.  This battle over health care reform is one time when it wasn't just the lobbyists, or the interest groups, or the politicians...whole bunches of small groups of people, in states and Congressional districts across the nation, turned a handful of Senate races and a dozen or two House races around and, sixteen or so months later, their work is, today, most likely going to change the country.  If you're one of them, it's a day to be proud of what you've done. 

I contributed, canvassed, made phone calls, and wrote letters to the editor, but there were many who did much more. Grassroots groups across the country, from USPIRG to Organizing for America to, made phone calls, wrote letters, knocked on doors, signed petitions, and raised money to get this done. It was a group effort. Many many people can feel good about this.

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