Monday, March 15, 2010

Missing the point

NPR's Frank James wants to know why Obama is claiming ignorance of the politics of health care reform on the stump.

The president clearly wants to be perceived as taking the high road with that statement and leave the impression he's so super focused on the what's best for the American people that he has no time for the nitty gritty of the politics swirling around the issue.

But lawmakers tend to expect presidents of their own party to be hypersensitive to the politics of hot button issues, especially when control of Congress is at stake. Members of Congress certainly are. 

But he's not speaking to Congress. He's talking to the American people. And his message is "this is right for you, so I'm gonna fight for it, no matter what those idiots in Congress think." He has an approval rating hovering around 50%, Congress' is in the 20s. People care about outcomes, not process, no matter what you hear on cable news. He wins this argument.

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