Friday, March 12, 2010

On Boxing (Random Tangent)

When will boxing promoters realize that they are part of the reason their sport is mostly dead? I have a passing interest in watching Pacquiao/Clottey tomorrow night. I wouldn't mind spending an hour watching the fight. But I'm not going to pay $50 for it.

The only boxing on cable or network TV are fights between people nobody cares about. At least once per year, there should be a prize fight on network TV or basic cable. How many people could they get to tune in and get hooked? As is, boxing promoters are doing nothing to market their sport outside the dedicated cadre of fans that they already have. I freely admit that I don't know how advertising revenue would stack up to the revenue from PPV buys. But I have to believe that the number of PPV buys on the next prize fight would get a decent bump from a heavily promoted prize fight on ESPN or NBC. (And god knows NBC could use a sporting event worth mentioning.) Isn't the expansion of your sport worth more than the immediate payout from putting fights on PPV?

(If nothing else, put a damn fight on HBO, without it being PPV. I get free HBO--thanks, Comcast--and I would like to see the fight for the $17/mo that I'm not paying.)

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