Saturday, March 27, 2010

Perspective on Pizza-gate

Another of Ackerman's guest bloggers analyzes the pizza choices of the President and First Lady.

Consider that traditional New York pizza is so thin and wide that you have to fold it to eat. Chicago style pizza, on the other hand, is basically a foot of cheese. If you happen to be a First Lady interested in fighting childhood obesity it’s a no-brainer which kind of pizza you pick.

Ok, I can see that. But she should have chosen her words more carefully. Say good things about the relative healthiness of New York style pizza, don't put it above Chicago pizza in general. He does make a salient point regarding the general battle between the two types of pizza:

Truthfully, they really aren’t that comparable. Thick crust is a meal, thin crust is a snack.

Anyone who has tried to eat more than two slices of Connie's deep dish in one sitting can attest to this.

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