Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pizza-gate heats up

Ackerman has an apparently unlimited number of guest-bloggers, and many of them are into pizza:

Dude, have you ever seen the wedges they serve at any given hole-in-the-wall Ray’s in New York? Those things aren’t snacks, they’re spatial-reasoning problems. And the square footage of cheese and meat loaded on is so unholy that it’s a miracle Bloomberg hasn’t tried to regulate it yet. New York slice, a snack? The First Lady would be deeply ashamed.
I want to push back more robustly against the dominant assumption that comparing regional pizza styles is worthwhile to begin with. We as a nation need to acknowledge that over the decades, we’ve developed at least three different styles of pizza — New York, Chicago, and New Haven — that have evolved into such distinctive eating experiences that putting them up against each other doesn’t even make sense.

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