Monday, March 22, 2010

Quick note on process

I know, I know, I rail against process stories all the time. But I'll make it quick, I promise. Just a little hypocrisy, not a lot.

After the Senate bill passed in the House, Republicans introduced a motion to recommit. Put simply, they wanted pro-life Dems to have to take an embarrassing vote on abortion rights in order to pass the bill. The motion would send the bill back to committee and add Bart Stupak's abortion language back into the bill, which would then mean it needed to be voted on again. I had no doubt that Dems weren't dumb enough to fall for this little gambit and pass the motion, but they went one better.

After a GOP Rep got up and railed against the abortion provisions in the bill, and how it would include federal funding for abortions for the first time in decades (blatantly untrue), who got up to give the Democratic rebuttal and make the case for voting down the motion? Bart Stupak. He proceeded to give an impassioned case for the bill. He explained that the health care bill already had protection against abortion in it, but also that it did so much more to protect the lives of mothers and children, born and unborn, and that any truly pro-life person would support the bill. It was masterfully done.

Perhaps Dems are learning more about optics. Finally.

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