Sunday, March 14, 2010

True Waste of Taxpayer Dollars

Mike Meyers--no, not that Mike Meyers--has a good editorial in today's Star Tribune about agricultural subsidies. They distort the markets, help already-rich large farmers, and contribute to the decline in numbers of small farms. Unfortunately, too many congresspeople are beholden to the farm conglomerates in their states and districts. And no presidential hopeful wants to anger Iowa's corn farmers if they want a nomination.

The way we subsidize food and farms is completely insane from a public health perspective, as well. We should be working on making healthy food cheaper, instead of spending lots and lots of money ensuring that everyone has access to unhealthy and unsustainable food like fatty beef grown on subsidized feed corn (also known as a Big Mac). There's an obesity problem in this country, if you hadn't noticed. (Though we may have hit the upper bound of just how obese a nation can get. Not much consolation.) This an odd place where liberals want smaller government. These subsidies have got to go.

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  1. Another reason to move the date of the Iowa primary.