Monday, April 26, 2010

Broadway Bank

I may have moved to Minneapolis, but I grew up in Chicago. So I've been trying to follow the goings-on in Illinois politics even as I get brushed up on Minnesota politics. So it was with great interest that I watched the Broadway Bank saga unfold. Thanks to NBC Chicago's Ward Room blog, I watched Alexi Giannoulias' press conference this morning. It looked to me like he made the best of a bad situation. I might have saved the point about the bank doing well until after he left for a paper press release. It seemed a tad defensive. But focusing on going to Washington to make sure that recessions like this one don't happen again was a good move. Like he said, it's not like Broadway Bank is at all unique in being a failing community bank in this economy. I think Mark Kirk will have to work pretty hard if he wants to turn this into a winning issue for him.

EDIT: Looks like Giannoulias is doing just about the best he can do. His first ad takes the bank failure head-on, and turns it into an attack on Mark Kirk. If I'm his speechwriter, I also put a line in his stump speech along the lines of "Mark Kirk wants to keep talking about Broadway Bank, but I'm focused on creating jobs and solving the problems of everyday Americans like you. I've seen firsthand the destructive power of this recession, and I'm trying to fix it, not score political points."

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