Saturday, April 17, 2010

Coffee, please (II)

B.G. over at the Economist's DiA blog comes to a similar conclusion as Andrew Sullivan:

Despite what Mr Romney and Mr Goldberg tell themselves, the base never punished Bush for his ideological failures. The Tea Partiers, 57% of them, still love them some unfunded-entitlement-spending, TARP-bail-outing, compassionate Bush. They just don't like Barack Obama. I used to think that the Tea Party consisted of well-meaning budget hawks, peppered, like all movements, with crazies who own markers. But now they feel more and more like Grandpa Simpson

This must just be the lamestream media's liberal elitist bias. I suppose I should point out that I have now quoted a self-described conservative and Tory, and a writer from a self-described conservative newspaper. But Sullivan and the Economist are British. So their opinions can surely be discounted.

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