Friday, April 16, 2010

The Day in Cognitive Dissonance

As Ezra Klein says, the best thing the Dems can do is NOT listen to Doug Schoen and Patrick Caddell. Among their recommendations to Dems (since Obama ignored their advice to ditch Health Care):

Winning over swing voters will require a bold, new focus from the president and his party. They must adopt an agenda aimed at reducing the debt, with an emphasis on tax cuts, while implementing carefully crafted initiatives to stimulate and encourage job creation.

There's a lot of complete horseshit to unpack there. First they say that Obama should focus on reducing the debt. Fine, good idea. Moving on, let's see how they suggest doing that? Cutting taxes and spending on stimulus. It hurts my brain. Yes, more people being employed will help reduce the deficit slightly, as the tax base will broaden. But tax cuts and stimulus will make the debt WORSE, not better. Now I'm all for additional stimulus, but saying that stimulus is a way to reduce the debt takes a level of willful ignorance or stupidity that boggles the mind. And are these "Democrats" really endorsing supply side economics?

This is the agenda that largely motivated the Clinton administration from 1995 through 2000 and that led to a balanced budget and welfare reform.

Somehow they pivot from tax cuts and stimulus to Clinton's policies in the 90s. One problem: they name the balanced budget and welfare reform. The balanced budget was a result of a booming economy, spending cuts, and tax hikes. Welfare reform was a Republican idea that Clinton co-opted. And again, it was a spending cut. It has nothing in common with Schoen and Caddell's suggestions.

I am continually amazed at the quantity of low-quality drivel that Fred Hiatt manages to cram into the Washington Post 's Op-Ed page. Then again, this is the same guy that hired Marc Thiessen.

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