Sunday, April 25, 2010


In a commentary piece in the Star Tribune, Max Heerman points out that the Supreme Court doesn't look much like America. I think most would agree with that. But he has an odd way of solving that problem.

With his next nominee, Obama could certainly make progress toward his goal of a Supreme Court that looks more like America by choosing another female or another racial minority. But the court would also look more like the country if he chose a Protestant nominee from outside the country's biggest metropolitan areas who has held elective office and who went to a public college.
One prominent individual who fits this description is Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty. Yet somehow I doubt Pawlenty is on Obama's short list.

So, in order to make the court look more like America, Obama should choose... another white male. And one who thinks Obama's signature achievement as president is unconstitutional. Here's a thought: there's actually another highly qualified person from non-coastal schools. That person is a Protestant. And that person is female! That's Diane Wood. And she's on the short-list, according to everyone who is reporting on the SCOTUS vacancy. I also feel confident in saying that she doesn't believe that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional.

But that probably wouldn't satisfy Mr Heerman, who likely just wanted an excuse to suggest Governor-in-absentia Pawlenty for the vacancy. Diversity is an odd argument for a white dude, though. Maybe try "bipartisanship" next time.

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  1. It's hard to know what Heerman was thinking, if he was thinking at all. This reads like a plant from the Pawlenty campaign.

    Just put Pawlenty's name out there. Don't discuss the pros and cons. Don't mention that the guy wants to be Obama's opponent in 2012. Don't mention the fact that he's a "state sovereignty" nut case.

    I agree with one commenter: using this guy's criteria, why not Sarah Palin?