Friday, April 30, 2010

Drill Baby Drill

If you needed an example why "Drill Baby Drill" is a terrible policy, we're seeing it unfold in the Gulf of Mexico right now. TPM has a great slideshow of some sobering images. Accordingly, the administration is rethinking its policy of expanding offshore drilling. I'm pretty sure it's not this catastrophic if one of those planned windmills off Cape Cod blows up and sinks.


  1. What are your thoughts on nuclear power? I would imagine the people of Chernobyl wouldn't have minded a little oil.

  2. Nuclear power is something that I think needs to be looked at if we're serious about weaning ourselves off fossil fuels. It's not an ideal solution, by any means. It takes a hugely long time and a ton of money to build nuclear plants. There's still no good way to dispose of spent fuel rods. There is that remote possibility of a meltdown. I would point out, however, that a ton of things went wrong at Chernobyl, and the situation was horribly mismanaged.