Thursday, April 1, 2010

Listen to the people!

Because they are just so knowledgeable about policy:

A majority (51 percent) say that even though the deficit is a big problem, we should not raise taxes to bring it down, while only 43 percent say that we might have to raise taxes to reduce the deficit.
And by an even wider 2:1 margin, voters reject cuts in Social Security, Medicare or defense spending to bring the deficit down (61 to 30 percent). With nearly three-quarters of the federal budget devoted to these items, exempting them from cuts leaves little room to make realistic progress on deficit reduction.

Yeah! Bring down that deficit! As long as you don't take any meaningful steps to do so. Next time a Republican laments the passing of the Affordable Care Act (a law that will reduce the deficit by a trillion dollars over the next couple decades, incidentally) "against the will of the people," keep in mind just how informed the "will of the people" actually is.

(HT: Yglesias)


  1. Who was Josh Lyman quoting when he said: "The best argument against democracy is a ten minute conversation with an average voter"?

  2. Winston Churchill. Who also said that Democracy was the worst form of government. Except for all the others.