Tuesday, May 25, 2010

America's Tattered Infrastructure

South Side of Chicago Alderperson Sandi Jackson is on a crusade to provide internet to her constituents. Vast areas of her ward lack broadband internet access, and libraries have very few internet-connected computers.

“On the entire South Side and West Side, there’s a void in access to the Internet,” Jackson said. “This is like a secret society that lives among us.”

When we talk about infrastructure in this country, our roads and bridges most often come to mind. But our broadband infrastructure in this country is very poor. And the areas it is worst are the areas that need it most--poor areas like Ms Jackson's ward. Broadband speeds in this country are fairly poor anyway, and the total lack of access in some areas is even worse. It's not just poor urban areas, but also rural areas far from major cities that lack broadband internet. Thankfully, there was funding in the stimulus to expand broadband access. Google is also working on pilot plans to expand fiber-optic broadband access to areas that need it. This is a start, but as Chicago's 7th Ward knows, we've got a long way to go

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