Saturday, June 5, 2010


From Talking Points Memo on Thursday:

[I]sn't it ironic that a DC press corps that could barely muster a collective yawn when Karl Rove was moving U.S. Attorneys around like political pawns, is hyperventilating about the White House making it known to potential candidates that there are other ways to serve beyond being a Senator?

From WaPo, via Rich Lowry over at National Review:

If this is not a quid pro quo — a federal job in exchange for dropping the Senate bid — it is uncomfortably close. Substitute Karl Rove for Jim Messina and imagine the uproar if the Bush administration had engaged in such a baldly political exchange.

Put aside the obvious contrast here. (Who's right? I don't really care.)

Um, WaPo IS the mainstream Washington media. If they want uproar, they create it. This reminds me of Senators who try to dodge issues by saying the Senate "isn't interested in taking the issue on." Hey, Senator, you're in the Senate, if you care about the issue, do something about it.

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