Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fix It! (II)

DiA skewers the Carvilles, Dowds, and Matthewses of the punditocracy:

Perhaps Mr Obama should reflect the public's emotional response to the disaster. Perhaps he should affect a more authoritative posture. Maybe he should hold a press conference on a boat somewhere. None of it would change the underlying reality of the situation (and more substantive suggestions don't seem to be forthcoming). Mr Carville captured the essence of the situation during his little diatribe. Pausing from his political commentary for a brief moment, he noted, "[Obama] can't exactly fill the hole up." Then he criticised the president for not "getting down" there and "taking control of this thing"

These people want some combination of a mother and a mascot. Personally, a calm, smart guy who's got the best scientists in the world at his fingertips would be my choice.  Also James Cameron.

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