Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Informing the Public

Ezra Klein waxes utopian:

If I edited a major publication -- or even a medium-sized one -- I would begin each major legislative battle by detailing a few of my smartest, clearest writers to create a hyperlinked, fairly comprehensive, summary of the basic legislation. That summary would be kept updated throughout the process, and it would be linked in every single story written on the topic. As reader questions came in, and points of confusion arose, it would be expanded, so by the end, you'd have a document that was current, comprehensive, navigable and responsive to the questions people actually had about the legislation. Telling people what just happened is undeniably important, but given that most people aren't following that closely, we in the media need to do a better job of telling people what's been happening.

This would be excellent. I still don't understand regulatory reform, and I'm sure there are many aspects of the ACA that I'm clueless about. But nobody makes much of an effort to explain these things.

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