Saturday, July 3, 2010

So THAT'S why the economy is screwed

Bob Stein lets us know why companies aren't hiring over at The Corner:

As a result, the economy can grow at close to a 4 percent annual rate for 2010 despite a subdued willingness to hire that likely has roots in the expansion of the size of government and the looming new health-care entitlement that starts in 2013.  

And here I thought it was depressed demand caused by the crash in housing prices and a credit crunch. In fact, a survey of businesses found that their biggest problem was... lack of sales. But sure, let's just twist any data point to fit our personal (often incoherent) ideological viewpoint.


  1. Bob Stein is co-economist to Brian Wesbury over at First Trust.

    They actually argue, get this, that the collapse of the economy late 2008 was actually a panic caused by government intervention.