Thursday, July 29, 2010

Suffering in Silence

 The NYTimes has an article on a new report from the Pentagon on the rising rate of suicides in the military. This is an issue that really deserves more time than I have to give it right now, but I want to point to a few great reports on the PTSD problems plaguing veterans.

Tom Ricks gave a forum to Blake Hall to write a very necessary but tough to read column on suicides among veterans. It is very aptly titled "What every American needs to know." He followed that up by posting a comment from a veteran about his own struggles with PTSD that really delves into what makes it so tough to deal with.

Frontline did a story called "the wounded platoon" about a single platoon's struggles with PTSD that ultimately landed several of them in jail for sentences lasting decades.

Lastly, I just want to point to IAVA, which is doing great work on behalf of veterans of OIF and OEF. Their "Community of Veterans" project is targeted at exactly the sort of thing the guys posting on Ricks' blog were talking about. They are also tireless advocates for veterans' issues on Capitol Hill. I'm sure they can use any help you can give them.

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