Tuesday, July 6, 2010

WaPo's Op-Ed Page is a Joke

Mitt Romney takes to the WaPo op-ed page to criticize the new START treaty. For a couple reactions to just how vapid and devoid of any sort of factual basis the Op-Ed was, look here and here. For a sample, Romney thinks the specter of Russia pulling its ICBMs out of silos and mounting them on bombers is a serious problem with the treaty. Right. I hope President Romney has better advisers than Presidential Candidate Romney.

UPDATE: Fred Kaplan takes Romney behind the woodshed in Slate.

UPDATE 2: At least WaPo had the sense to run Kerry's rebuttal:

I have nothing against Massachusetts politicians running for president. But the world's most important elected office carries responsibilities, including the duty to check your facts even if you're in a footrace to the right against Sarah Palin. More than that, you need to understand that when it comes to nuclear danger, the nation's security is more important than scoring cheap political points. 

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