Monday, September 13, 2010

Delicious Liberaltarianism

Yglesias points to an article about issues with food truck licensing. This is another area where liberals can find common cause with libertarians and conservatives. Contrary to popular belief, liberals do not have a pathological desire for more regulations and larger government for no reason. Regulation that serves little point, deters the mom-and-pop businesses that liberals love so much from opening, and may even serve to protect the interests of other profit-seeking businesses (brick and mortar restaurants aren't fans of street food) should go.

The Twin Cities are undergoing something of a street food renaissance right now, and it's in large part because of Minneapolis deregulating food trucks and carts. There's still a good bit of red tape that could go. But even now in Minneapolis you can get bison burgers, pulled pork tacos and mini donuts from Chef Shack where you could previously only get hot dogs and chips. I've been enjoying the delicious Cubanos and strawberry lemonade from the Fork in the Road truck in St Paul recently. And there are several more trucks that I haven't had a chance to sample yet. The point is, as with beer, size of government is irrelevant. Let's make sure government is efficient and effective, and not throwing up barriers or spending money for no reason.

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