Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How the GOP Looks at the Budget


SAY I want to buy a cheeseburger, coke and fries from you. You give me the cheeseburger, coke and fries and say, okay, that'll be $4 please. I hand you $3. You say, um, sir, we have a payment problem here. I say, no, we have a price problem. You're charging too much. We don't have a payment problem. I'm not paying you too little.
In the cheeseburger analogy, I might propose to you that if you only want to pay $3, you can cut out the coke, or you can cut out the fries. But this isn't what Mr McConnell is doing. Instead, he's reaching over and grabbing back one of the dollar bills, and saying that actually, he's decided he only wants to pay $2. Because we have a price problem, not a payment problem. We can never have a payment problem. Just like America can never be paying too little in taxes. That's axiomatic.

Sound ridiculous? It is. But that's how Mitch McConnell thinks about the budget.

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