Friday, October 8, 2010

Nuclear Security

This is a rather scary video and report about some old nuclear gravity bomb storage areas in Belgium:

When the Bombspotters pulled off this stunt in January, it seemed a small group of activists had succeeded in penetrating one of two sets of 11 Hardened Aircraft Shelters (HAS).  It seemed as though they were in the middle of a cluster that happened not to have B61 nuclear gravity bombs in Ws3 shelters, though that hardly excused the the woeful performance turned in by Belgian security or the lame excuses offered by the Belgian government.

There a couple of things wrong here. One: how were a bunch of hippies able to enter a military base that contained nuclear weapon storage facilities? And two: why are the damn Belgians guarding our nukes? I mean, I get that they're our intrepid NATO allies and all, but it seems to me that if we're going to go through the effort of basing nukes in Belgium, we damn well better have a bunch of American troops and MPs guarding the place. As the video points out, these were peace activists, but what if they were terrorists? Not exactly a shining moment for our military.

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