Friday, October 8, 2010

September Jobs Numbers

So this will be fun. According to the BLS:

Nonfarm payroll employment edged down (-95,000) in September, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 9.6 percent. Government employment declined (-159,000), reflecting both a drop in the number of temporary workers for Census 2010 and job losses in local government. Private-sector payroll employment continued to trend up modestly (+64,000).

So, Republicans (and conservative/clueless Democrats) continually bash public sector jobs, refuse to extend additional aid to cash strapped states, and even propose further slashing the budget, which would cause even more layoffs. Unsurprisingly, this means the public sector continues to shed jobs, even while the private sector adds jobs. Now, given these numbers, do you think GOP leaders will acknowledge this? No, it will be more "Obama's failed economic policies aren't creating jobs." They won't acknowledge that their obstruction helped cause that job loss and that their proposed policies, such as they are, would hugely exacerbate that problem. Instead, it will be Obama's fault.

In reality, while 64k private sector jobs is about 300k fewer than we need to be creating, the economy is at least adding some jobs. Unfortunately, we're not doing the simplest thing to help the economy, which is extending aid to state and local governments to prevent layoffs of teachers, cops and firefighters. On the other hand, since these are the last numbers before the midterms (and they suck), the GOP's strategy will pay off--they're going to win handsomely in November.

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