Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We're screwed. But at least we deserve it.

As my misguided friend over at the Great Wahl points out, FritoLay has abandoned its biodegradable bag for SunChips in the face of plummeting sales. Let me just align myself with everything Mother Jones' outstanding environmental reporter Kate Sheppard had to say:

Of course everyone is entitled to have opinions about the relative aesthetics of consumer products, but should those really trump the environmental benefits? In the grand scheme of things, this is the absolute, bare-minimum level of sacrifice Americans are asked to make. They still get to eat the same chips, they just come from a different bag; they still light their homes, but with a slightly different bulb. But apparently that's still too much. Even worse is the fact that Americans can't muster the support to pass a climate bill, but a bunch of angry couch potatoes can successfully mobilize to force Frito-Lay to drop their innovative packaging. If the sound of a crinkly eco-chip bag is too much to handle, then the human species really is screwed.

Seriously, people. Sometimes progress takes sacrifice. And in this case that sacrifice was a slightly louder bag. Apparently we're not even willing to endure that. No wonder we can't get comprehensive climate change legislation. If we won't let our junk food packaging inconvenience us, no way are people going to support rising energy prices.

Yep, today is one of those days where I just hate people.

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  1. I liked how gothamist ended their story about this:

    "But seriously America: you're an old broken down piece of meat and you deserve to die alone."