Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I don't have much to say about last night's Dempocalypse, but this is a pretty disgusting example of homophobia:

With nearly all precincts reporting, the three justices -- David Baker, Michael Streit and Chief Justice Marsha Ternus -- were voted out by an average margin of 55% to 45%.
It's the first time an Iowa Supreme Court justice has been ousted since Iowa instituted its system of appointment and retention in 1962.
Last year, the Iowa Supreme Court's seven justices voted unanimously to legalize same-sex marriage in the state, making them a target of groups like the National Organization for Marriage, the American Family Association and the Family Research Council, who declared the ruling a case of gross judicial activism and usurpation of power.
The groups spent more than $700,000 to convince voters to kick the judges out, funding a statewide "Judge Bus" tour, radio ads, TV ads, text messages and polling. Even Citizens United chipped in $18,000 at almost the last minute.

I've been known to joke that the National Organization for Marriage should be renamed the "National Organization for my Marriage, not yours." This is why. It's also example 1a of why judicial elections are fucking stupid.

In other news, Oklahoma banned Sharia law. I know I'll sleep better at night now, inshallah.

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