Sunday, July 31, 2011

Faith in government

Dave Weigel:

What does it mean that Democrats want to believe [the 14th amendment or platinum coin loophole], or that articles about double-secret debt solution loopholes are so popular? It's sort of ominous. Not making a one-to-one comparison here, but it puts me in mind of the Tea Party-inspired Republican efforts of 2009-today to prove that this or that program they don't like can be magicked out of existence by putting the Consitution in a black hat and reading it with special glasses. The collapse of faith and trust in the way government works is mutating with every crisis, every bit showdown on a bill.

Weigel said "mutating." I might have said "collapsing faster than Tim Pawlenty's presidential hopes." But it's a great point regardless. It's also another sign of congress' complete inability to face the challenges that the country faces. As congress turns into more and more of a joke and continues to abdicate their responsibilities, the executive branch will continue to hoover up more power and responsibility.

As someone who does actually think separation of powers is a good thing, this is an unwelcome development.  But nothing can really be done to reverse this trend until congress gets its collective head out of its collective ass.

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